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Electronic Cancer System is a multiagent modeling platform for computational cancer systems biology.
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The development and integration of complex multiscale biological models have been a great challenge in the area of cancer systems biology. However, the lack of a user-friendly and integrative software environment has made it difficult to develop such multiscale models and derive biological insights from them. This has been a problem particularly for experimental scientists and modelers who have a limited software development capability. So, we have developed 'ELECANS' (electronic cancer system), a next generation modeling and simulation platform for cancer systems biology, to overcome such hurdles in multiscale modeling and simulation. ELECANS is equipped with a rich graphical user interface (GUI) studio coupled with a powerful software development kit (SDK). This GUI/SDK combination allows users to conveniently design the extra-cellular environment, cellular pheno-types and tissue models. This portal is specifically designed to provide extensive support to users developing models by leveraging ELECANS-SDK.


At the core of ELECANS platform, there is a multi-agent simulation engine for processing discretely defined cellular agents. To help construct finely detailed models, ELECANS accommodates user customization of its core ‘Engine’ via SDK API (“Elecans_base.dll”). Modelers can selectively re-program ELECANS engine by writing wrapper classes over ELECANS SDK.

To start using this SDK for cellular or tissue level modeling, the Rules Editors for the respective levels should be used.

Please also visit https://sites.google.com/site/electroniccancer/home for detailed information regarding ELECANS and its utilization in multiscale modeling.