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Ph.D. Candidates
Min-Wook Kim (Medical Science and Engineering/MD, Otorhinolaryngology)

Research Interests
Reseach about interaction between tumor and immune cells by systems approach(Systems Tumor Immunology), predict drug-drug interaction by virtual system, virtual diagnostic system which can extract each individual one from even more than two mixed diseases based on evidence based medicine knowledge.

Keywords : Systems Immunology, Systems Pharmacology, AI Systems for Medical Diagnosis and Decision Flow

Jonghoon Lee (Biological Engineering)

Research Interests
I have an interest in the dynamic behavior of biological molecules such as RKIP and its biological consequences in the context of the inter-linked signal transduction pathways. And I am also interested in the systems biology on colorectal cancer using multi-agent based modeling methods.

Keywords : Cancer systems biology, RKIP, signal transduction pathway, multi-agent modeling.

Daewon Lee (Computer Science)

Research Interests
Mathematical representation and computer-aided simulation of biological systems to elucidate the unsolved questions especially in cancer.

Keywords : Cancer systems biology.

Ho-Sung Lee (Medical Science and Engineering/KMD)

Research Interests
I'm interested in utilizing gene regulatory networks to identify novel drug targets and predict potential adverse effect.

Keywords : Systems biology, network biology

Isaak Yang (Biomedical Engineering)

Research Interests
Isn't it amazing that the complex human body work properly with just grouping of cells? Inspired from the systems biology and the molecular biology, I'm interested in developing the electronical circuit with a specific advantage by appling the way of organization and interaction of cells to the electronics in a flexible manner.

Keywords : Bio-inspired engineering, self-repairing.

Soo-Jeong Hwang(Medical Science and Engineering/DDS, Preventive dentistry)

Research Interests
I want to construct the prediction model of oromaxillofacial disease using systems biology and develop the preventive programme. I am also interested in toothorganogenesis and osteogenesis.

Keywords : Systems biology, Systems immunology, Stem cell development

Jun Hyuk Kang (Medical Science and Engineering/MD, Cardiologist)

Research Interests
Heart disease is a problem of failing complexity rather than of failure of one of the components. Cardiac systems biology provides a frame-work for analyzing the manner in which structures of network relate to function. I'm interested in developing mathmatical model which can describe human heart in normal and disease settings.

Keywords : Cardiac systems biology

Byeongwook Lee (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests
Brain has very unique mechanism on its way of processing a data. Scientists found out that neurons inside the brain uses 'spike' to send information but its data processing mechanism is still covered in mystery. I want to research its mechanism and implement this mechanism as a breakthrough for problems that existing data processing mechanisms have.

Keywords : Bio-inspired engineering, brain-inspired engineering

Sang-Min Park (Bio and Brain Engineering)

Research Interests
Scientist, philosopher and writer who elucidates the mystery of brain; this is my future self. I have been dreaming of establish the consilience of macroscopic view and microscopic view in neuroscience. Underlying principle suppose to be in the place, where top-down and bottom-up approaches meet. Emergent property & complex network science may penetrate the levels of hierarchy and furnish the multi-scale insights to 'What is Interlligence? How it emerges? and Why?'.

Keywords : Systems brain theory, Neural network dynamics, Emergent property

Jae Il Joo (Biological Science / Computer Science)

Research Interests
All the cells are controlled by biological systems of genes and proteins. Unfortunately, the biological systems are nonlinear systems but the conventional biological methods have limitation to unravel the nonlinear systems. Systems biology can overcome the limitation of the conventional biology to analyze the nonlinear systems. So I want to study cancer biology and developmental biology, which are the most complex problems in biology, through systems biology.

Keywords : cancer biology, developmental biology, stem cell

So Yeong Jang (Electronic Engineering)

Research Interests
There are a lot of unsolved problems of brain with emergent properties. I think that there is a set of simple regulations in brain network for complex output that we cannot understand intuitively. I want to analyze the mechanism and reasoning of brain network dynamics through the network control theory.

Keywords : systems biology, network dynamics, network biology

Sea Choi (Cell Biology)

Research Interests
Cancer research encompasses studies on cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, and tumor initiation, progression as well as metastasis that are involved in different singling pathways, underpinning the efforts to evaluate new therapies and tools to treat patients with cancer. Tumorigenic and stem cells conceptually share a similarity that they are capable of proliferating extensively. I am particularly interested in elucidating the dialogue between the tumor cells and molecular basis of stem cell self-renewal which can contribute to cancer progression and possibly reversion. I also want to apply systems biology to unravel this complicated molecular interactions.

Keywords : cancer biology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, signaling pathways

Jeong-Ryeol Gong (Biomedical Science)

Research Interests
Cancer is basically a disease of uncontrolled cell division beyond the surveillance of immune cells. Thus, Immunological cancer reversion is the best anti-cancer therapeutic strategy. For this purpose, a network-based treatment strategy is established using high-throughput data including single-cell RNA seq data. If cancer cells can be returned to an immunologically vulnerable state, the cancer is expected to be removed by immune cells and cured naturally.

Keywords : Cancer systems biology, Immunology, Bioinformatics

Yunseong Kim (Bio and Brain Engineering)

Research Interests
The first goal of my research is to mapping or visualizing the cell states of cancer. Based on these maps, I want to control the cancer cell and lead them into apoptosis with targeted anti-cancer drugs. Furthermore, I hope to rewind the cancer cells into normal cells by modulating the signal transduction pathway.

Keywords : cancer systems biology, apoptosis, rewinding cell fate, targeted anti-cancer drugs

Jongwan Kim (Biology and Mathematics)

Research Interests
I'm interested in systems biology. I want to analyze the cell as a gene regulatory network using mathematical modeling method. I assume that life network dynamics is chaotic so there are simple principles which make up a complex life phenomenon. I expect the mathematical models to show the principles of complex life phenomena.

Keywords : systems biology, network control, mathematical modeling

Younghyun Han (Computer science)

Research Interests
To know what is life, we have to see life as a system. So I would like to analyze and understand life system by mathematical modeling and computer simulation. Also, I am interested in building tailored therapy strategy through systems biology.

Keywords : systems biology

M.S. Candidates
Hongjun Chang (Biology)

Research Interests
I'm interested in the computational modeling of biological neural networks to explain experimental results such as neural oscillation, and applying the control theory of networks to biological interaction networks and neural networks.

Keywords : neural network modeling, network theory

Yun-Won Kang (Bio and Brain Engineering)

Research Interests
I am interested in developing automatic algorithms to construct biological networks for tremendous amounts of cellular omics data based on machine learning/deep learning. I hope those algorithms to be extended to advanced control theory for scientific research in the field of medical and biological science.

Keywords : network inference and modeling, data mining, deep learning, optimal control, adaptive control, intelligent control

Seon-myeong Kim (Bio and Brain Engineering)

Research Interests
I am interested in cancer and cardiac systems biology. I particularly want to study optimal drug combination that are specific for intratumor heterogeneity.

Keywords : systems biology, cardiac systems biology, cancer systems biology

DaeBeom Park (Life Science / Computer Science)

Research Interests
I am interested in modelling biological processes in order to see the dynamics of the network and to find the emergent properties within the system.

Keywords : systems biology

Byunghyun Ban (Bio and Brain Engineering)

Research Interests
Artificial intelligence is to develop machines to exhibit intelligence. AI researchers define those machines as 'intelligent agents', which learn how to generate useful information from the given data. These days, most machine learning approaches struggles with various kinds of artificial neural networks, which are one of there most successful brain-inspired artificial intelligence model. I hope to build a strong AI which is trained by my own knowledge and experiences. To design stronger artificial intelligence, comprehension on what intelligence itself is should be the first step. Each of us carries the most powerful intelligent agent on the shoulder; my goal is to understand it, human brain, to accomplish powerful artificial intelligence. Systems biology will provide skills and knowledge to understand complexly tangled neuronal architectures.

Keywords : Artificial Intelligence, Generative Model, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Human Brain, Start-up

Sugyun An (biomedical science / bioengineering)

Research Interests
The data that we now generate overwhelm our abilities of interpretation. My research goal is to appropriately interpret the biological data using system biology and bioinformatics. I am especially interested in health and longevity and I hope that my research contributes to the healthy life of people.

Keywords : systems biology, bioinformatics, longevity

Uiryong Kang (Life Sciences / Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests
Without doubt, brain is one of the most vital organ in maintaining normal body function. Besides, it is probably the most efficient computing machinery mankind has ever found. Because this marvelous organ has hierarchical structures and properties of complex network at all scales, it should be studied by tools of network science in a systematic manner. In this context, I have a great interest in figuring out hidden scientific principles of brain function retained in various brain networks.

Keywords : network neuroscience, comparative connectomics, network control theory

Kim nam hee (Bio and brain Engineering)

Research Interests
I'm interested in cancer metastasis. To understand biology better and to control cells, I want to analyze biological data and gene regulatory network using systems biology.

Keywords : cancer biology, network theory, systems biology