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- Signal Transduction Pathways
- Biomolecular Regulatory Networks
- Complex Cellular Dynamics
- Brain Systems Biology
- Cancer Systems Biology
- Cardiac Systems Biology
- Network Systems Biology
- Pregnosis
- Bio-inspired Self-Repairing Electronic Circuits
- Brain-inspired Speech Recognition System
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Useful Information for Systems Biological Research and Links
     ELECANS (Electronic Cancer System)
        1. Project Home
        2. ELECANS SDK  
     Kernel Identification Software (win32)
        J.-R. Kim, J. Kim, Y.-K. Kwon, H.-Y. Lee, P. Heslop-Harrison, K.-H. Cho,
        Reduction of Complex Signaling Networks to a Representative Kernel. Sci. Signal. 4, ra35 (2011).


     Network Decomposition Software (Decomposition into evolvable core and robust neighbor)


     Frequency Modulation Tendency (FMT) analysis software