We decode bio-complexity to unravel/control the hidden logic of life and to further apply it for engineering innovation.
The Life Sciences are witnessing a shift of paradigm from traditional characterization of individual molecules towards an understanding of interactive pathways and networks. The role of genes, proteins, metabolites and cells can be understood and defined through their interactions and it is through our focus on intra- and inter-cellular dynamics that we are deeply involved in the emerging area of Systems Biology. For Systems Biology to succeed, we have to cope with the bewildering complexity of cellular systems, covering a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Two of the key characteristics of Systems Biology are dynamic modeling and integration (fusion) of various information sources, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. ... More
SBiE Brochure (2018)
SBiE Brochure (2017)
시스템생물학(Systems Biology) 분야 URP 주제 공지