Post-Doctoral Fellows

Jae Il Joo, Ph.D. (Biological Science / Computer Science)

Research Interests
All the cells are controlled by biological systems of genes and proteins. Unfortunately, the biological systems are nonlinear systems but the conventional biological methods have limitation to unravel the nonlinear systems. Systems biology can overcome the limitation of the conventional biology to analyze the nonlinear systems. So I want to study cancer biology and developmental biology, which are the most complex problems in biology, through systems biology.

Keywords: Cancer biology, Developmental biology, Stem cell

So-Yeong Jang, Ph.D. (Electronic Engineering)

Research Interests
There are a lot of unsolved problems of brain with emergent properties. I think that there is a set of simple regulations in brain network for complex output that we cannot understand intuitively. I want to analyze the mechanism and reasoning of brain network dynamics through the network control theory.

Keywords: Systems biology, Network dynamics, Network biology

Sea Choi, Ph.D. (Cell Biology)

Research Interests
Cancer research encompasses studies on cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, and tumor initiation, progression as well as metastasis that are involved in different singling pathways, underpinning the efforts to evaluate new therapies and tools to treat patients with cancer. Tumorigenic and stem cells conceptually share a similarity that they are capable of proliferating extensively. I am particularly interested in elucidating the dialogue between the tumor cells and molecular basis of stem cell self-renewal which can contribute to cancer progression and possibly reversion. I also want to apply systems biology to unravel this complicated molecular interactions.

Keywords: Cancer biology, Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, Signaling pathways