Post-Doctoral Fellows

Jonghoon Lee, Ph.D. (Biological Engineering)

Research Interests
I have an interest in the dynamic behavior of biological molecules such as RKIP and its biological consequences in the context of the inter-linked signal transduction pathways. And I am also interested in the systems biology on colorectal cancer using multi-agent based modeling methods.

Keywords: Cancer systems biology, RKIP, signal transduction pathway, multi-agent modeling

Jeong-Ryeol Gong, Ph.D. (Biomedical Science)

Research Interests
Cancer is basically a disease of uncontrolled cell division beyond the surveillance of immune cells. Thus, Immunological cancer reversion is the best anti-cancer therapeutic strategy. For this purpose, a network-based treatment strategy is established using high-throughput data including single-cell RNA seq data. If cancer cells can be returned to an immunologically vulnerable state, the cancer is expected to be removed by immune cells and cured naturally.

Keywords: Cancer systems biology, Immunology, Bioinformatics

Jongwan Kim, Ph.D. (Biology & Mathematics)

Research Interests
I'm interested in systems biology. I want to analyze the cell as a gene regulatory network using mathematical modeling method. I assume that life network dynamics is chaotic so there are simple principles which make up a complex life phenomenon. I expect the mathematical models to show the principles of complex life phenomena.

Keywords: Systems biology, Network control, Mathematical modeling

Han Sun Kim, Ph.D. (Translational Medicine)

Research Interests
I am interested in predicting the responses of cancer cells by the exogenous perturbations in silico, finding potential therapeutics based on the prediction, followed by the experimental validation. I’m also interested in clinical bioinformatics, which encompasses big data, biology, and medicine. I plan to find clinical significance of the targets found by the prior analysis.

Keywords: Cancer systems biology, Clinical bioinformatics, Translational medicine