Principal Investigators

Prof. Kwang-Hyun Cho, Director (Systems Biology)

Research Interests
I am interested in unraveling complex bio-puzzles ranging from development to disease and even evolution mainly through computational methods but also through close collaboration with ‘good’ experimental biologists.

Keywords: Dynamic analysis, Signaling pathways, Regulatory networks, Systems theory, Complex systems, Cancer research

Collaborator, Prof. Sang-Mok Choo (Mathematics)

Research Interests
Reverse engineering of biomolecular networks, dynamical analysis of biomolecular networks, numerical methods for PDE

Keywords: Reverse engineering, Network dynamics, Numerical analysis

Collaborator, Prof. Sung Hoon Jung (Computer Science)

Research Interests
Application of neural networks, fuzzy logic, and evolutionary computation algorithms to intelligent systems such as intelligent control systems and intelligent characters for computer games and to recently systems biology, more specifically identification and application of gene interaction networks

Keywords: Neural networks, Fuzzy, Evolutionary computation, Systems biology

Collaborator, Prof. Seong-Jin Park (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Research Interests
I am interested in supervisory control theory of discrete event systems and its application to real-time, distributed, and fault-tolerant embedded control systems.

Keywords: Supervisory control theory, Real-time systems, Fault-tolerant and distributed systems

Chae Young Hwang, Research Associate Prof. (Molecular and Cell Biology)

Research Interests
I am interested in how signaling pathways control cell fate decisions, using cell biological and systems biological approaches. The overall goal is to gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of fundamental cell fate choices.

Keywords: Cell fate decision, Signaling pathway