Junsoo Kang (Bio and Brain Engineering / Biological Sciences)

Research Interests
The recent advances in artificial intelligence technology along with the strides in systems biology have brought about new era of bio-data science. I wish to utilize ideas from both deep learning and network control theory to understand biological systems, notably the aging-related pathways and the brain networks, better.

Keywords: systems biology, network control theory, machine learning, deep learning

Hye-Min Lee (Biotechnology)

Research Interests
Cancer is still a disease to overcome. I want to do research cancer through system biology, which understands complex life phenomena as whole systems rather than as individual components. So, I want to find the appropriate anti-cancer drug targets or drug synergism by experimenting directly with the significant results from cancer network simulation and biological data analysis. As a result, I want to do research that can actually help people suffering from cancer.

Keywords: Systems biology, Cancer biology, Bioinformatics, Immunology

Soo Min Lee (Life Science & Computer Science)

Research Interests
As everyone has different reactions to certain drugs, considering one’s genetic information is becoming important for disease treatment. By constructing a network model integrating patient’s genetic information, the network dynamics in response to a drug is observable. Eventually my goal is to discover an optimal cancer drug specifically for the individual.

Keywords: Precision Medicine, Systems biology, Bioinformatics

Jungeun Lee (Systems Biology)

Research Interests
One of the characteristics of biological phenomena is emergent property, which means "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". With these characteristics, I think that the entire system should be targeted, not a single molecule, for the exploration of life. Therefore, I want to figure out factors and mechanisms that determine the fate of cells through systems biology and further realize precision medicine.

Keywords: Systems biology, Bioinformatics